Wilton Warriors Socks

Wilton Warriors Socks


It doesn’t matter what sport you play, every Wilton athlete needs a pair of these custom-designed Wilton Warriors socks!

Our socks are made from a 100% moisture wicking fabric, which helps to keep your feet dry during physical activity. The socks also feature arch support, a breathable mesh instep, reinforced heels and toes, and a double-welt top. As you can see in the picture, the primary color is navy blue, with a white and light blue Warriors lettering and logo.

Our socks are currently available in two sizes: Adult, and Intermediate. Here’s the size chart, so you can determine which size is right for you, or your favorite Wilton Warrior athlete!

Adult Size (fits most adults)

  • Ladies Shoe Sizes (10-12)

  • Mens Shoe Sizes (9-12)

Intermediate Size (fits most youth players)

  • Ladies Shoe Sizes (5-9)

  • Mens Shoe Sizes (4.5-8.5)

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